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What is BlockFood?

BlockFood is the world's first decentralized food ordering platform.
BlockFood is an open platform created to connect customers to restaurants with a fair distribution model of revenue, based on Smart Contracts and Ethereum. BlockFood is a non-profit project and is the first from the Open Sharing Economy foundation.

Key characteristics

Users are empowered. They make the platform grow and they reap the benefits.
Revenue is distributed fairly between all actors.
BlockFood is a non-profit project.
The source code is available on open source platforms.
The platform is open to third-party developers.

How does it work?

The platform uses smart contracts to handle the payment and the progression of the orders placed by customers.

To get more details on BlockFood, browse our white paper

Development road map

Our development schedule for the next two years.


  • BlockFood idea, start of sharing economy domain research


  • Early contribution
  • Team recruiting
  • Social medium creation
  • White paper first draft


  • White paper first public release
  • Public announcement


  • Beginning of the pre-sale
  • Start of project development


  • End of the pre-sale


  • Beginning of the Token Sale


  • End of the Token Sale


  • Alpha release for feedback
  • Selection of the location for the first beta program


  • Beta release for beta program in the selected location
  • Start of BlockFood Ambassador program
  • Launch of BlockFood advertising platform for third-party


  • Launch of API for third-party developers
  • "Make your own BlockFood" developer contest


  • Launch of integration tools for restaurant websites


  • Launch of BlockFood sponsorship program
  • Global launch


  • Launch of "know your crowd" benchmark tools for restaurants



Conrad Lelubre


Software Engineer from the Grenoble Institute of Technology, Conrad has worked for 8 years in the software industry as Scrum Master, Technical Leader and Architect. Passionate about his work, he is always looking for new opportunities on how to have a better impact on the world. He also loves bicycles and cats.


David Twigger

lead developer

David is currently a freelance developer between Grenoble and Lyon. He has worked in many different companies and types of structures before finally deciding, like Hans, to try flying solo (he also has a terrible sense of humor). He loves all things IT, from programming microchips to developing full blown applications.


Dewan Suh


Dewan is a self-taught Graphic designer since personal computer advent. Making illustrations for medical fields, sprites for games, assets for applications, animations for shows, 3D for architecture. He is now eager to serve a project with a social equity purpose.


Pauline Sicoit

project manager

Multi-talented, half ambidextrous 24 year-old woman from Grenoble, Pauline works as a project manager with the following motto: if there is no solution, there is no issue. Eternal dreamer and tireless traveller, she plans to put her feet on each country to inspire her and improve herself continuously. She is very excited by the big challenge BlockFood represents and looks forward to have the best impact possible on the economy to make it fairer.


Romain Destenay

data scientist

Big Data Engineer from the Grenoble Institute of Technology, Romain has worked as a computer vision researcher in South-Korea and recently in a start-up working on power forecast for renewables. He is also deeply invested in the Effective Altruism movement and wish to have the maximum positive impact with his time and money.


Nazanin Ahmadi Torshizi

full stack developer

Nazanin is a skilled full stack developer, with a passion for great user experiences and good-looking applications. She loves learning new things, traveling the world (Italy especially), being amazed at what humans are capable of and impress other humans with what she is able to do.


Mokhtar Mial

full stack developer

Mokhtar is a young but talented full stack developer. With an already deep knowledge of full stack development despite his lack of experience, he loves growing through challenges such as BlockFood. He is currently studying for his Master in Computer Science. Blockchain technology sparked his interest in 2015 and he has been part of the community since then.


Cédric Guérin

full stack developer

Cédric combines both finance and software development skills due to four years of Business Information technology studies and a 5th year specialized in software development. Just graduated from one year but with a significant experience, he is a freelance software developper. He has to find clients, manage his own company and deliver great software. He is always looking for new challenges where he can push his limit further.


Julien Leroy


Julien has ten years of experience behind him in a number of different companies and in various domains. His acute vision of how a company works with its context is of great help when it comes to make important decisions.


Gauthier Cart


Relentless ultra-marathon runner, Gauthier knows how to push its physical and mental limits to achieve any challenging race. He also knows how to push the limits of a company's way of thinking. He brings the extra "what-if" factor that leaves nothing to chance and allows ideas to be put in perspective.

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